Thursday, March 26, 2009

School Pictures

Yesterday was Picture Day at Logan's school! So, I dressed him up, shiny new shoes and all, to show up his classmates for the big day. You'll find I'm very sentimental and nostalgic about certain things from my childhood. And, well, those ugly ass pictures of me in a hand-me-down 70's outfit with the pasty blue 80's background is at the top of that list.

Lately when we get home, because the weather has been beautiful and it's still light outside (can I get a 'what what' for Daylight Savings?) Logan has taken to walking up and down the street, saying hi to all the neighbors and specifically keeping an eye on all the big kids on the block. He is absolutely mesmerized by a couple of the boys down the street (they're 4 and 6 yrs old) who ZOOM! by on their Razor scooters or bicycles.

Anyway, because he was all dressed up and it was still gorgeous outside, I decided to take a few more pics of Logan before the day's end. Our little boy is definitely growing up! :)

Today, when I dropped him off at school, the teachers were commenting about his beautiful head of hair. I guess he has a lot of hair for his age, but I never really think about it since he's ALWAYS had a lot of hair. :) Anyway, the teachers were saying it was so silky soft, that several of Logan's classmates like touching and playing with his hair throughout the day. But the cutest story of all, was of a kid who liked the feel of Logan's hair so much, she decided to rub her face up against it to really feel the full softness of his mane.

With a flick of his locks, he's already turning them on. Boy are we in trouble!


Kim said...

And to think Jon wanted to shave his head...

Molly has kids constantly grabbing her hair and petting her. On several occasions kids have followed this by giving her a hug and nuzzling into her. It never occurred to me that they might be trying to do a face plant into her hair, but it is entirely possible. Just yesterday a boy was playing with her hair and then started to kiss the back of her head. He wasn't very pleased when he sputtered on a mouthful of hair, but he kept going back for more!

Zabuton said...

"ugly ass pictures" ?

Charlie said...

Cute! (and don't let Jon shave his head!)