Sunday, March 22, 2009

First touch of snow

I have been meaning to post about our Tahoe trip last weekend but have been too exhausted each night after work this week, that time has just slipped on by.

We had a really nice long weekend. We drove up Thursday night to avoid the Friday night traffic which was perfect. We stopped about an hour into the drive - not really because we had to, but because we didn't pack the truck well enough and my back was killing me from the position I was sitting in (my knees were almost to my chest with no ability to recline or even stretch my legs!) I had thought I could tough it out, but after an hour, I realized it just wasn't going to work. Once we shifted everything around so that I had more room, it was much better (unfortunately, that measly one hour of uncomfortableness had already done its damage, and my back was pretty much tweaked the rest of the trip, bah humbug).

Logan did great all the way up! :) He actually went down for the evening, about 9pm, when we were still home (we got a later start than planned). So, we let him sleep in his crib for a little bit while we did the last bit of packing and then transferred him to the car seat once we were ready to go. He dozed pretty much the entire time - poking an eye open anytime we slowed down or when we stopped after that 1st hour, but then nodding right back to sleep again. We had the two dogs and Sanka with us (because she needs insulin shots twice a day and we didn't want to deal with leaving her at the vet for just a couple of days), and other than Sanka crying the entire time (and pooping in her crate within the first hour - jeez), the animals were fine too.

Kim, Nathan and Molly were already at the cabin once we got in (Molly was already down for the night of course) and we all soon crashed after settling in from the long drive.

Friday, Kim watched after the two little kiddos while Jon, Nathan and I all worked from the cabin. It was an easy day of work for me, so in between con calls and emails I'd come down from the loft to hang out and/or give Kim a potty break. ;-) In the afternoon, once work was winding down to a close, I took Logan out to the backyard, all bundled up, for his first snow experience.

He was not quite sure what to think of the white stuff. He was okay at first, slowly walking with me up the incline to the main part of the backyard, but after a couple of slips and stumbles (I think we often forget how hard it is to walk on snow, especially for a young toddler who's just learned how to walk period!) and of course, after falling forward on his hands to touch the freezing ice, he wasn't much of a fan.

After that, he literally just stood still, feet PLANTED to the ground. I'd try and coax him to come a little bit farther out but he just wouldn't have it. Lola and Sadie were going wild, rough housing near by, several times almost knocking Logan off his already unstable feet, so I don't think that helped much for his first snow experience.

In fact, I know it didn't, since he calmed down and even bent over to touch the snow on his own volition once it was just me, him and Lola hanging out.

A little bit later, we went out a 2nd time to check out the snow again. This time, Jon helped me (by taking a few snapshots) so that I could drag him around on the sled for a bit.

Still not a fan - in fact, he had a more negative reaction this time around than last, possibly still remembering our first outing. Was it colder than earlier? Yeah. Did he fall a few more times? Of course. Did the sled wobble all over the place? Right again. So far, Logan wasn't seeing ANY "pros" about the white stuff. ;-)

But, he did stay out for some time to take it all in so I wasn't 100% disappointed! :)

Saturday, my back was still angry at me, and I think we were all in lazy-mode, so we didn't make it to the slopes like I had originally hoped for. And, because we were THAT lazy, we didn't even make it to a nearby snow park for sledding with Logan!

But, I was determined to get out each day, if only for a couple minutes, to enjoy the beautiful mountainous landscape. So, we packed Logan into the backpack carrier and got the crazy ballistic dogs ready to go, and took off on a hike in the nearby woods (Kim joined with her two dogs while Nathan stayed at the cabin with Molly - who has already made up her mind that snow is not for her).

We were about 20 minutes into the hike when I started to hear some disgruntled squealing from the backpack carrier. I checked in on Logan and he SEEMED okay. But, he was tired and a little cold and squinting his eyes like crazy. I thought, what's wrong kiddo? It's GORGEOUS out here! The sun is shining a little bright but it's not too bad. ENJOY IT.

And then it hit me.

I tilted my head down to look out over the edge of my sunglasses.... and sure enough.

It was AWFUL. It was PAINFUL. The miles of snow white meadows were no longer beautiful. It was so GODDAMN BRIGHT that you could not keep your eyes open, not even for the life of you.


And of course, I had completely forgotten Logan's sunglasses!

Logging newbie parent mistake #3667.

I tried putting my sunglasses on his face, but he was already too irritated and frankly, my glasses wouldn't have stayed on him even if he weren't frantically trying to rip them off.

So, we immediately turned everyone around to head back to the cabin. I was bummed to miss out on such a beautiful hike but oh well. Can't exactly ask our son to suffer and wait it out, can I? ;-)

Sunday I decided to take Logan to a kid's snow park since I thought he might be more inclined to like it if he saw other/older kids having fun in the snow (peer pressure starts at any age, right?).

Since Kim, Nathan and Molly had a long drive ahead of them (they were off to visit some friends for dinner that evening), they decided to skip the snow park adventure that afternoon. So we took off without them, all bundled up and ready to go. We first drove to a State park off Hwy 50 at Johnson Pass called Echo Lake Sno-Park. But, noticed that we had to buy a day pass to use the park and those weren't sold at the park itself (duh!) but in town at a few different sports shops. We headed back and stopped at a private snow park instead (also off Hwy 50, called Adventure Mountain) which was a little more expensive, but they sold day tickets there. At the park. I know, what a concept. And, what's more, it was HUGE!! There were SEVERAL different runs for the kids and parents alike to enjoy. It was sledding heaven.

We were sold.

So, we tromped out to a run that wasn't too populated but had enough kids for Logan to take notice "See, it's not scary, it's fun! Look at all those big kids playing in the snow!" And Jon took him up to the top of the hill, sat down in the saucer with Logan in his lap, and took off.

Jon... well, Jon had a great time.

Logan on the other hand... was a little cautious, still not sure what to think of this blinding white cold stuff.

But it didn't take him long to make up his mind. At the end of the run, they had picked up quite a bit of speed, and were pretty much out of control. And, just totally CRASHED. We're talking a few somersault tumbles type of crash, before Jon was able to dig his heels in and slow down the momentum.

Jon and I both... well, we just laughed. This is what happens out in the soft powdery snow. What fun! How can you NOT like it out here??

Logan, on the other hand, was a little frightened by the whole experience, tears streaming down the poor kid's face.


For most parents, that might have been enough to call it a day. But not us. Oh hell no. We were determined for Logan to love it.

Bring. It. On.

I thought - that hill was too steep, we just need to find a more gentle slope that's not as fast, bumpy or scary.

Or so we thought.

Jon took Logan down another run, same news. In fact, he started crying the minute they sat down in the saucer at the top of the hill.

Okay fine. You win.

And that was it for the sledding.

Jon did a couple more runs on his own while I carried Logan over to a group of boys in the middle of a great snowball fight. Logan watched with intense curiosity, but clung to my jacket for dear life. :)

We headed back to the cabin, packed everything up and then headed on home. Happily, we had another uneventful drive home. Logan was awake for the first hour down through the mountains until we stopped at Placerville for dinner. Once we were back on the road, he conked out (about 8pm) for the rest of the drive home.

Overall, a wonderful weekend trip! :) I was a little disappointed we couldn't do more outdoor activities (both due to my back and due to Logan not liking the snow too much). But, we still managed to get out for a little bit each day and give it a try which is all I can ask for.

Next time, I know we'll have better luck.

Logan's getting more adventurous and active each day, which certainly helps.

And, I'll make sure not to forget his sunglasses next time too.


Kimmy said...

Bree I love the picture of him in your sunglasses! It's very "so you coming with, bb?"

Mama Bree said...

I like that pic too!

what does "bb" mean? I feel like I'm missing the joke there..... :)

Kimmy said...

sorry! I have become far too used to typing with the notorious internet abbreviators! bb is just baby.

You're going to have to fight off so many girls when he gets older, Bree. It's going to be ridiculous

Mama Bree said...

I know. We're screwed! :)

Kim said...

You know, we had Molly's fantabulous pink sunglasses in the car. He could have worn those. ;-)