Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I spent a few hours cleaning out my closet. I've been putting it off for ohhhh, 6 months? ;-) Since, until yesterday, my closet has still been filled with maternity clothes! Quite embarrassing, I know.

So, I took advantage of Jon being out on errands and Logan taking an extremely long 3.5 hour nap, and finally did the switcheroo.

I must say, it was an exciting reunion for me. Maternity clothes are packed and ready for storage. Old clothes (some still tight *sigh*) are hung and ready to be worn again!

Ahhhhh how I missed you lovelies.


Kim said...

Are those 5 bins your maternity clothes? I don't even think I have 5 bins worth of normal clothes!

Mama Bree said...

well, almost. :) 4 of them are.

the other one has leftover "old" clothes that I want to keep, but are still too small for me (size 4-6!!!).