Thursday, March 5, 2009


I spent most of yesterday traveling out to the middle of America and was already missing Logan just a few minutes after dropping him off at school, before my flight out. I'll be here until tomorrow morning, enjoying the lovely view from my hotel room most of the time, and for a couple hours today, sitting at a client meeting.

So far, the trip out here has been uneventful and all has gone swimmingly. I was even able to hit up the gym for a little bit last night *and* hook up Internet access in my room (which didn't work for me the last time I was here), so look at me being all productive and shit.

Jon was wonderful last night, updating me on how Logan's day and evening at home with him went. He did fine, save for the continued teething he's been experiencing. I got a more grumpy call this morning however, since Logan seems to have started a bit of a cold and so the boys aren't feeling very well.

Funny, I felt one coming on myself last night and it's hit me full force this morning too. Thousands of miles away, and Logan has still managed to get me sick. ;-)


Kimmy said...

Chilling in St Louis? Hope you guys got the 85 degree weather we have here 270 miles to the west in KC

Mama Bree said...

yep! lovely St. Louis.... it hasn't been 85 degree warm, but it's been really pleasant actually. mid-60's and blue skies (but REALLY windy). I can't believe it's already so hot for you, this time of year!

Kimmy said...

It is apparently a complete fluke! I don't remember it being like this before but hey, I'll take it. It's better than snow!

Yesterday I found myself saying, "man, I miss that whole 50s and raining thing..."