Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Because Logan's been so interested in the neighborhood kids zooming around on their scooters, I thought I'd see how small they make them for little tykes his size too. And, sure enough, wouldn't you know Razor has a product small enough for our little guy.

Of course I had to buy it.


We got home and a huge box was waiting for us at the door. I think I was more excited than Logan at first - not even waiting to open the door and unload all our junk onto the dining table - but instead DROPPING it all so I could immediately rip open the box. Right there on the porch.

My excitement must have rubbed off onto Logan because he started jumping and hopping and grunting and yelling and pointing with excitement alongside me. It was awesome. :)

He doesn't yet understand he has to put one foot on the scooter while the other pushes - but I know he's going to get there in no time. He did know, however, to immediately stand up on it and rock his body, impatiently moving the handles from left to right as if to say LET'S GO MOM! LET'S GO NOW!!

And so, off we went around the neighborhood until dark - he standing on his little scooter with both feet while I pushed him around from behind.

Hearts pounding, smiles beaming... We both had the same thought as we gave each other that goofy giddy look.



Cat Shipman said...

Oh, this is what skateboards and roller skates were like for us when we were kids. How awesome! Logan rules and so does his mom!

Jennifer said...

That is AWESOME! I am getting one for Robert!!!:)

Kim said...

Sweet ride!

Logan - Pressure's on kid. Time to master this thing before your mom starts entering you in competitions.

Mama Bree said...

hell yeah! we gotta get his balance perfected so that when winter comes back around, he's ready to board. ;-)

Kimmy said...

Those shoes just kill me. All he needs is a very tiny Ride Timeless and he's set for next winter!

You know he's going to destroy the two of you, right? His center of gravity is like...4 ft BELOW ground.

Mama Bree said...

@Kimmy - that's why we're looking forward to it soooo much!! how crazy will it be seeing Logan rocket down the mountain at only 2 ft high and with no fear? :) we can't wait.

Kimmy said...

*laugh* Now see, that I can't wait to see.