Monday, March 16, 2009

Task #54877 of Job 'Mom'

Originally I thought I'd spend tonight writing up a nice little blog post about our wonderful weekend up in Tahoe. The weather was gorgeous and Logan got to experience his first bit of snow. I even have pictures to share!

But tonight, that plan was quickly ambushed.

You see, I learned that Logan may not get to move up to the big kid class next month after all. He may need to wait until May, or later. And, while that may not sound like such a big deal - only a few weeks Bree! It's a big deal in "Baby Years". It's an awful long time to wait for the next classroom.

I'm a real stickler for doing things right, and for doing them for the right reasons. So, when I learned that another kid may be moving up to the next class before Logan - not because he's ready, but because he's older than Logan (by a few weeks) and his mom is insisting on it - it really irked me.

I usually wouldn't worry too much about a decision like this if Logan wasn't ready to move up himself. However, it's clear (as has been for a few weeks now) that Logan is getting bored with his current class and is really ready for a change.

And, sure. You could say that I'm being overly dramatic about the whole thing. But to me, all I hear is, "We want to hold Logan back from his developmental pace for a few more weeks because Baby Boy X's mom wants to have her son potty trained by age 2."

Instinctively, the hair on my arms raise 2 inches and I'm ready to march to the Directors' office and give them a piece of my mind.

Move over bitch, Mama Bear has got to protect her cub!

And thus, my post about the lovely Tahoe weekend will not happen tonight. Because my job as Mom comes first, before my job as Recreational Blogger. And somehow, I've got to come up with the most diplomatic, yet persuasive, email to Logan's preschool instead.

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Choun Family said...

I have done things I never would have done (due to minding my manners) becuase the mama bear in me made me do it.