Friday, March 13, 2009


A bit of silliness while overlooking the beautiful blue skies and fast melting snow in Tahoe.

  1. Google 'Unfortunately, [insert your name]'.
  2. Paste your favorite quotes for all to see
Here are some of my unfortunates...
  • Unfortunately, Bree fails at parenting and since the children are interfering with her plans...she sends them outside to do their 2 feet of snow.
  • Unfortunately, Bree's life became increasingly difficult. The Order changed her. They stifled her happiness and ruined her innocence.
  • Unfortunately, Bree is doing worse. She has started to have some quite bad desaturations, where not enough oxygen is flowing around her body....
  • Unfortunately, Bree Keyton is not just fevered imagination. Though she certainly HAS one.
  • Unfortunately, Bree is looking for a career in fashion modeling and there is not much call for that at the campground.
  • Unfortunately, Bree is kind of a horrible human being, and gets Benji to eat a hot dog. Which, of course, makes him violently ill.
  • Unfortunately, Bree is only for sale as we are no longer breeding ponies.
Sums it up quite nicely, doesn't it?



Susan Ping Wong said...

On Mar 14, 2009, at 2:54 PM, Bree wrote:
Mom - why the question mark? did you mean to leave a longer comment, or did you not understand the post? :) -b

Ah Bree, that was your dear father's comment, and I have EXPLAINED to him what it means, but OF COURSE... the post was clear as a bell and just the sort of thing I might do, even though I cannot profess any smarts at all in cyber dabbling.

Now, the Freudian question is: Why *UNfortunately*? So I took it the other direction, and fortunately there were a number to be had -- though unfortunately, possibly too many for this aging novice. A few samples follow -->.

>>Fortunately, Bree's budding feminine charms inspire
>>Fortunately, Bree isn't too vain to show you what she...
>>Fortunately, Bree has been extremely healthy.
>>Fortunately Bree's album is available at Amazon, so get your hands on it!
>>Fortunately, Bree is in the province of Guangdong which is southeast of the Sichuan province where the quake's epicenter occurred...
>>Fortunately, Bree had still been puttering around, and they quickly came up with a way to keep busy.
>>Fortunately, Bree did, and had this to say...
>>Fortunately Bree has many supporters and friends who see her for her beauty inside and out.
>>Fortunately, Bree has a solid work ethic to see her through the tough times.
>>Fortunately again Bree saw the error of her ways and decided to apologise.
>>Fortunately Bree is a Collie and the colder and wetter it is, the happier she is! ...

It was at this point I felt it best to call it good.
Love, Mom

P.S. Some of the sites looked like they would be ... rather dicey.

Luke Shipman said...

That was fun!!!

Cat Shipman said...

hahaha, love it.