Thursday, January 29, 2009

Toddler Schedule

Notes from Logan's teacher when I picked him up today:

Logan is on the toddler schedule. :) He had an excellent day and he drinks only from his sippy cup now. :)

I thought about posting the entire toddler schedule on here but frankly, I'm tired and want to get to bed. ;-) So, the major change is more rigid eating times (morning snack, lunch time, and afternoon snack) along with one nap a day instead of two or more. And, as noted above, his bottle is pretty much cut out during the day (and night time if we wish) and instead starts using a sippy cup and feeding himself....

Once he moves over to the toddler room (which could be soon I guess), he'll also get to do a lot more outdoor play and indoor activities with interactive games, which I think he will just love.

Logan's really actually transitioned himself to this schedule on his own, so there hasn't been any disruption because of it which is nice. We'll probably need to be a little more careful about following the same schedule on the weekends so that his life runs "smoothly" but I think it'll be fine.

The saddest part of it all is how quickly he's leaving baby-dom in the dust.

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Luke Shipman said...

I agree that it is sad to see babydom being left behind - it went by so quickly!!!