Friday, January 9, 2009

All kinds of walking!

Since Logan returned back to school this week from the holidays, his teacher Kim has happily reported on how much walking he is doing. In fact, it's pretty much all he does - from one toy to another, one kid to another, one side of the room to another.

I lamented that he's been taking more steps with us too, but almost always with Jon and usually never with me. He reverts back to a super fast crawl straight for my pant leg the minute he sees me. She said the same thing was happening with her - but not with the other teachers.

However, the last couple of nights after we've gotten home from school, I'm happy to report Logan is walking all over the place!! It's amazing to see. And so funny to see him work at it (he's still a little slow and rickety when he's off balance). :) I took a number of videos but will have to post one up later after we get our DSL back up.

And, since I had the video camera out, I also took a number of captures of Miss Lola running around the house. Seriously, she is still nutso and YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW she had cancer by just looking at her (or watching her play).

In fact, Tuesday afternoon, after we picked her up from her first chemo treatment, the oncologist left us this wonderful one-page report of how she did for the day, what side effects to look out for, and what treatment to expect next week (+1 for seeing a specialist!! my kind of write-up!). In her report, she noted:

Some dogs will be quieter than normal for a day or two after the first dose of chemotherapy as her body clears dying cancer cells.

So, that evening when I came home, who came to greet me at the door? but a BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS Lola...

Hi-Mom! Hi-Mom! Hi-Mom! Hi-Mom! You'll never guess who I met today! sogreattoseeyou. What's for dinner? Can we go out to play? Can we take a walk? Can I jump up to touch your nose with my nose?

Yeaaaaaaaah. I guess Lola doesn't fall under the "some dogs" category. The vet will learn soon enough. ;-)

(her lymph nodes have also returned back to normal size after the first 24 hrs or so of treatment, which is expected, but still amazing!)


cabriana said...

"Can I jump up to touch your nose with my nose?" --HILARIOUS

Leo said...

so glad to hear Lola's treatment is going well!

Jennifer said...

That is great about how Lola is feeling!!! Exciting about how much Logan is walking too. Once he gets a little more practice under his belt, there will be no stopping him! ;)