Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another beautiful day

We've been having record highs (in the 70s!) all week and it's been great! Mostly because it means Logan gets to play out on the playground at school during the day, and he LOVES it.

In fact, he got pissed when it was time to go inside because he wanted to keep playing in the sun and sand (can you blame him?) - so mad that his teacher let him stay out the longest and was the last one to come back in.

He's also slept a HUGE amount of hours last night and today... About 14 hrs last night (but not uninterrupted unfortunately) and then a long 2+ hour nap this afternoon (that I had to wake him up from to take him home). Either the outside play is wearing him out, or he's sick again or he's having another growth spurt or he's teething. Who the heck knows...

(behind Logan is our brand new wine cabinet, woohoo!)

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cabriana said...

this is such a bizarre winter. remember last season when there was no power?