Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Playing Outside

It's been beautiful outside this week, so Logan's teacher decided to take a few of the "big kids" to the playground today, Logan being one of them. And, he had a blast. :)

Apparently he couldn't get enough of the sand box - was fascinated watching the sand trickle down from one of the funnel toys (which Kim commented was super cool since it usually takes her awhile to get the kids to understand that the sand will fall down and out the funnel, but with Logan she didn't even show him, he just picked it up all on his own). He also had fun riding a few of the rocking toys and walking around picking up and carrying the big bouncy balls.

The playtime must've worn him out too, because we got home and an hour later, he was fast asleep in bed. WOW! Here's hoping he worked out enough to sleep through the night (something we've been struggling with again lately and let me tell you, it's frustrating as all hell).

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