Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chemo has begun

We visited a Veterinary Oncologist and started the chemo treatment on Lola this morning. She didn't have any allergic reactions right off the bat, but we'll have to see how she takes to the meds over the next few days. Our follow up is next Tuesday, with weekly visits for the first few months and then every other week after that (the treatment program they run is 25 weeks long). The oncologist says that since she hasn't been showing any signs of debilitation, fatigue, loss of appetitie, etc. we have a good chance of controlling the cancer from advancing further.

We'll see - it's still a depressing scenario, since they can't eradicate it completely, and it will come back eventually, even after successful treatment. :( But, the time we're buying is well worth it to me - we're not ready to say good-bye to Lola just yet, and Logan is just starting to get to know her.


Leo said...

so sad :/ Enjoy as much time as you can.

Cat Shipman said...

I love Lola.