Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lymphoma Update

I wanted to post a quick update on Lola's current condition, for those who are wondering. We took her into the vet's yesterday for an ultrasound and x-ray exam, so that they could determine how far the cancer has taken a hold of the rest of her body and organs.

I'm happy to report we actually got some pretty good news (the best news you can get given the circumstances anyway). It appears the cancer has only taken a hold of her lymph nodes in her neck and hind legs (which we knew already, due to the physical exam and biopsies we've already done), but has NOT yet attacked the other set of lymph nodes in her chest (apparently dogs have another set that we can't see).

Further more, it doesn't appear that the lymphoma has started attacking any of her other organs yet either. Which is all good news, because it means we've caught this at a pretty early stage, and have a much better chance of successfully treating her and kicking this into remission. :) The vet also took a closer look at her heart during the ultrasound, to make sure it's healthy enough for the upcoming treatment (one of the meds that we may potentially need to use is actually really hard on the heart). Good news there too - her heart (along with all her other organs) is super healthy and strong and looks great (I never had a doubt, given the crazy running she does!!).

We're going to be seeing an oncologist next week for a consult, and then from there, will start treatment as soon as possible. Since Lola is so young (4.5 yrs old) and it appears the cancer is still in the early stages, we're really hopeful that with treatment, she'll have a few more years left to enjoy with us.


Jennifer said...

Given the circumstances, that is the best news! Lola is a strong tough girl!

Kimmy said...

All things considered I am SO glad to hear that it's such an early stage! Hopefully the treatment goes quickly and she'll be back to running around like a crazy dog without a care in the world

cabriana said...

Poor Lola.... This makes me so sad, but I think she is one major fighter!