Friday, September 3, 2010

My last day

Today is my last official day of maternity leave (even though technically I have three more days before work starts, since we're coming up on a long holiday weekend). I'm a tiny bit stressed and nervous about jumping back into the middle of crazy work after such a long time off. But I'm also looking forward to the change and seeing my old coworkers again. :) Since Tuesday will also be Callum's first day to start daycare, I actually dropped him off at school this morning, when I dropped off Logan, to spend time with his new teachers and classmates for a couple of hours. He was all smiles and did just fine - sleeping the majority of the time. When I arrived to pick him up for lunch, he was just waking up from a short nap, a little groggy and not quite sure where he was. I'm sure the screaming baby near him was also a different and strange experience for him to wake up to! :)

As for me, I miscalculated how difficult and time consuming it would be to get the kids out of the house this morning, given the time change from Hawaii. I had a 10am PT appointment that I had wanted to get to - but that would have meant getting out of the house a bit after 9am, which is 6am Hawaii time. :( I woke Logan up around 9:20am which he was NOT at all happy about - still very much asleep, cranky and whiny - fighting me the entire time I dressed him for school. Can't say I blame him. ;-) But, I figure this will force him back onto our time quickly anyway (Callum, on the other hand, will be harder to transition I fear!). Unfortunately, I was still too late by the time I got the boys dropped off to make my appointment - so I ran a couple of errands (grocery shopping and a pedicure!) instead, before going back to pick up Callum and meet my parents for lunch.

At lunch, Callum was on and off (as he has been for the last week). His teeth are definitely bothering him - he jumps at any chance he can get to bite and chew your fingers and is a nonstop slobbering fool. But, when I look in his mouth, it seems like it's still going to take awhile for any of those teeth to finally break through, poor guy. :( Such is the way it goes at this stage, I guess.

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