Friday, September 10, 2010

A few things to share

I need to post this quickly because it's ridiculously late and Callum will be waking up soon.


Today is my honey's birthday. He turns 12. Or 13. Or something like that. He's a young kid so I can never remember.

We, unfortunately, didn't get to do anything for his birthday today. The week - due to me returning back to work and Callum being sick and Jon having to work late every night (including tonight) - was too frenetic and crazy for us to even think about it. Perhaps next weekend. Or something.


Today is also Uncle Kai's birthday. I think he turns like -5 or something like that. Damn kids these days.

3) 33 months old!

Today Logan turns 33 months old. Which is like -85 years old in relation to the above two numbers. Or something like that. I plan to write a dedicated post later for Mr. Logan but let's just say the theme of the post is going to go something like "My little one has turned into a defiant little punk who's primary vocabulary now consists of screaming NO to my face".

4) Callum had a follow up appointment with the doctor about his bronchitis and things are looking great! The doc says his lungs are 75-80% better (how do they come up with these numbers? seriously.). He can still hear a bit of congestion and wheezing but it's not nearly as bad and he thinks after we finish up the doses on both meds through the weekend, we'll be good to go. We actually have his 4 month shots and check up scheduled Tuesday morning - which will be a perfect time to do a final check on his lungs to make sure everything really has cleared out.

His daycare has definitely noticed a difference these last two days as well. He's had MUCH better days at school - crying less, eating and sleeping more - slowly getting back to his old self. We still battle a bit in the middle of the night - I think he's most miserable after just waking up when his congestion is probably the worst after sleeping on his face all night. But, again, it's slowly been getting better with each day so I'm hopeful we've turned the corner.

5) What else. First week back to work is behind me. YAY. It took me 2.5 days to get back onto our corporate network and connected to the tools I use day to day. Apparently if your account isn't in use for 30-45 days, they shut you down. Which makes TOTAL sense for all the hundreds of people in this massive company who are taking leave every day. Right? Right. I'm slowly going through my thousands of emails and filing them away never to be seen again. And I've applied for a new job which I'm now interviewing for because this week just couldn't get any busier.

6) Jon and I are off to San Diego tomorrow for a quick 24 hour trip to celebrate Eric's 5th birthday. Or something like that.

They're chartering a boat complete with open bar, beautiful dinner and sinfully delicious birthday cake for dessert. But none of that is as cool as the fact that it's an adults-only evening. Which means, for the FIRST TIME EVAH, we'll be leaving town without our kiddos, who will be spending the night with my parents. Wish them luck. I'm nervous for them.

But, not nervous enough to not look forward to a full night's sleep. ;-)

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