Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Parenting fail #2587

Jon and I were both rushing around the house getting ready for work this morning. As always, we were juggling both kids at the same time, sharing responsibilities in getting them fed, changed and ready for school. While I was in the bathroom, I had laid Callum down on our bed with a couple toys to play with, like I always do. I could hear Jon come in and out of the room, talking and cooing and playing with Callum every time he stopped by. A few more minutes rolled by with Callum grunting and cooing and doing his normal chatty ritual and then all of a sudden I heard a loud and heavy THUD.

Followed by some pretty loud cries. :(

Both Jon and I came running - exclaiming "Oh God!" in the process (Jon beat me to him, as I had been sitting on the toilet when it happened). Poor little Callum had fallen off the bed! It was an immediate deja vu and reminder of the time Logan fell off (me and off) the bed. Ugh.

Apparently during one of Jon's cooing sessions with Callum, he had placed him on his tummy. Callum is pretty squirmy and strong - pushing off on anything he can get a hold of - yet we hadn't seen him make it all the way across the bed before. But, I guess those days are now over - since it appears he was able to scoot all the way across the bed before falling off the edge.


Jon was doing a great job at calming him down, but I really wanted to make sure Callum was ok and wasn't heading into concussion territory. So I nursed him (which helped calm him down even more), then gave him a bottle after that (which he gladly gulped down). He seemed to be totally normal but I still had Jon do a quick "follow my finger" test to make sure he was watching and tracking with his eyes fine too (he was). At any rate, through all of this, Jon thought I was being a little too overprotective and worried about the whole thing - telling me Callum was fine and not to worry.

When we dropped Logan, it was VERY upsetting (granted, it was in the middle of the night and he was only a month old, but still). It was a pretty traumatic experience for both of us - being brand new parents, we felt like we had COMPLETELY failed our child. :(

This time around, however, we were much more methodical and, dare I say, less emotional about it. It was still traumatic for everyone (poor Callum had it the worst I think) - but I don't think it affected us quite the same as with Logan. Jon even commented how it didn't feel like it was as big of a deal this time around.

Oh, how times have changed! ;-)

I told Callum's teacher when we got to school (which she was shocked about - that I would actually admit and tell her about it, not that it happened), mostly because I wanted her to keep an eye on him just to make sure he didn't act strange the rest of the day. I'm happy to report he did just fine and was his old normal self the entire day.

And, since we're on the topic of parenting.... thought I'd leave you with this little gem. Quite the entertainment, particularly since I know we've met parents like one or the other and/or have demonstrated some of these qualities ourselves! Enjoy. :)

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Jennifer said...

We did the exact same thing with Connor when he fell off our bed a little while back. Just know that you aren't alone... :)