Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rolling Over

Callum's been very close to rolling over on his own the last couple of weeks - we've been "showing" him how to do it in Hawaii to see if that would help. In any case, he rolled over on his own in the middle of the night last night! Even though we were dog tired, Jon and I took a couple of minutes to celebrate for our little guy and make him smile a groggy sleepy smile.

YAY!! (this excites us more than you know, since it means sitting up on his own is just around the corner!)

Callum's actually been having a really rough time since we've been home, and sad to say, last night was no better. We met my parents at Stacks for lunch yesterday and then headed to their house so they could have some grand kid time while Jon and I snuck off for an afternoon movie (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - loved it!). They had a nice time visiting with Logan and Callum - but poor Callum was running a mild fever and having a really hard time with his teething. That continued on through the night, making (at least) a second sleepless night in a row for Jon and I. :( Poor guy is biting on anything he can, won't eat much, pretty warm to the touch, has a runny nose and slobbering like crazy.

To top it off, he's got a bad cough - which we're not sure is due to all the additional slobber and runny nose, or if he's come down with an actual cold. It's hard to tell, but my guess is he may have a slight cold/cough which just sounds worse right now because of the extra slobber. :( Because he's so uncomfortable, he's been sleeping about 2 hour chunks at a time, but no more. And unfortunately, I don't see his teeth breaking through very soon. With work (for both of us - eeps!) coming up on Tuesday, things aren't looking good. But, what can you do? We're just plowing through as best we can.

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Grandma Riedy said...

Congratulations Callum! Praying those teeth come through soon.