Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Peas and other things

I left work early and unexpectedly today - poor little Callum seems to have caught a head cold, but the school was worried because after waking up from his nap, his eyes were super swollen and goopy. :( I wasn't completely surprised since I noticed his eyes were a little red around the edges and tired looking last night, he had a really difficult time sleeping through the night, and he was really congested and clearly having sinus issues this morning.

So, I took him to the doctors and the good news is, it's nothing serious but totally treatable. We got some antibiotic drops for his eyes which I started tonight so that his eyes will (hopefully) start improving immediately. His congestion is all in his head, not in his chest, which is good and means he's got a simple head cold that should go away very soon.

I'm not sure why, given how crappy Callum's feeling, but I decided to try out another new food tonight - peas - which he seemed to be okay with. Not thrilled, but I think that has more to do with him not feeling well and not having much of an appetite than anything. We'll see in a few days once he's back to his old self, if he continues to eat the peas or not.

Amidst the extra coddling of a crying weepy sick baby, Logan was being particularly snotty to me tonight and I had very little patience with him throughout the entire evening. However, there was one little part of the evening that made me laugh. We had just got home and I was trying to calm Mr. Callum down so I asked Logan to let Grover out of his crate (which he often helps me out with when we get home each night).

Logan wasn't interested and said "No."

That, of course, pissed me off. I told him again, with a much firmer tone and stink eye to go with it - Let. Grover. Out.

Logan replied, "No Mom, I'm too busy!"

I wasn't expecting this response and lost it, unable to keep a straight face after that. ;-)

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