Monday, May 10, 2010

29 months old

Logan is one month shy of the 2 1/2 year mark! Crazy how time is flying by. He seems so HUGE and ANCIENT and OLD to us, now that he's side by side with Callum. But, there's still a lot he's learning and growing himself.

He loves to say "Yay, I did it!" (or Mommy did it! or Daddy did it!) whenever he's working hard to try and solve something, open something, create something, etc. He may have said this before, I'm not sure, but he's really into proclaiming his accomplishments now. I would say overall he's a lot more independent than ever actually. His imaginative play has really picked up recently (could that be partly because we're spending more time with Callum?), and I often times will hear him playing on his own in the living room his toy room, talking to his stuffed animals and cars and trains. He's starting to create stories about what his toys are doing and saying and feeling. It's fantastic to see.

Last month I commented on his realization of remorse, which he continues to do today. Anytime he does something wrong, misbehaves or doesn't follow instructions, he generally apologizes about it. This month he's also picked up on the appropriate response to "Thank you", often times telling us "You're welcome" before we even have the chance to say "Thank you" first. ;-)

Recently at school, the kids planted a few seeds in little paper cups and watered them every day to learn and watch how plants grow. We took the little project home the other day and he's now obsessed with watering his plants (and my lilies) EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE. It's tiring but also adorable to watch!

He's continuing to potty train at school and home. He's learning how to pull his pants on and off (we're using pull ups at school now), which is making things a bit easier. He's also taken to STANDING at his potty and pretending he's pissing in it (by holding his penis, pointing it at the potty, and even making the "pissing" sound).

Although he hasn't yet actually peed standing up. :)

The first time he did it I started laughing out loud and yelled out to Jon to come watch. I'm toying with the idea of buying a potty urinal, which I think would be lots of fun, especially now that we have the two boys. If we ever strike it rich and remodel our house someday, take note Internet: I want to install a urinal in each bathroom.

Since seeing the Sharks last month, Logan is very adamant about wanting to go to another game, he loved it that much! Whenever we leave the house, he will demand "I want to see the Sharks." Or, he'll ask "Are we going to see the Sharks Mommy?" So far I've been able to ward off these questions and demands with a "Later buddy - we'll see the Sharks again later". But, his memory is improving every day so it's only a matter of time before he starts calling me on that.

He's also transitioned from "wanting" to "needing", which has actually been pretty funny for Jon and I. Some typical NEEDS of Logan's, are as follows:

I need my Sharks hat.
I need my milk (accompanied by "Go get my milk").
I need rabbits (fruit snacks in the shape of bunny rabbits that he's obsessed with).
I need my dinosaur/hippo.
I need to take a bath.
I need to do art.
I need to watch TV.
I need to go outside.
I need my Daddy.

Most of these demands usually result in us questioning his "needs". Oh, you NEED your dinosaur do you?


Or do you mean you WANT your dinosaur?


There is one "need" however, that we never question, but comply with every single time.

Mommy, I need to hold my baby brother.

Of course, he stopped holding Callum the minute the camera came out, so I'll have to get a better pic of him holding Callum later. :)

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