Wednesday, April 14, 2010

28 months old

Over the past weekend, Logan turned 28 months old. I've been wanting to do a post on this milestone for a few days now, but have been soooooooo busy (nesting has now kicked into hyper drive!) and very very tired that the last thing I want to type out is another blog post. :)

However, this one is important to me. Perhaps more than usual. Why? Because I think it's very likely the last "birthday" milestone post I do for Logan, while he's still an only child.

About a month or two ago, I started to feel more and more sentimental about Logan's last days as an only child. I want to spend as much time as I possibly can with my little guy. With each day and week that passes us by, I only get that much more emotional about the limited time left with Logan as an only child. And while Jon and I may be excited about welcoming baby #2 into our family, I'm not so sure Logan feels the same way. In fact, I bet this baby isn't anywhere at the top of his agenda.

He absolutely understands there's a baby growing inside his Mommy. And, he often talks to my belly, pats and kisses and hugs it, and sometimes separates out toys and items in the house that "belong" to him versus his baby brother.

Helping himself to some cheese in the bottom drawer of the fridge which has pretty much become his drawer. ;-)

But, I don't think he understands that his baby brother will be joining us for good. That he will be joining our family and staying, not just visiting for a few days or a week. That he will be commanding a lot of his Mommy's attention and time, especially in those first few months. That he will soon share a room with Logan, share toys, share clothes.

If I were Logan, I might be thinking "Waaaaait a minute. I didn't sign up for this shit! I'm 100% happy running Mommy and Daddy around on my own!"

(In fact, as the oldest, I bet I did think that!)

So, we shall see.

You mean that baby is staying? For good?

As for Mr. Logan - he's doing wonderfully, of course. ;-) His potty training has really improved at school (he's continued to do well with us at home but had a bit of a set back and lost interest at school). I believe a lot of his improvement is due to Miss Kim, his teacher from two classes ago, who recently moved into our classroom. YAY!! We love her and I'm so glad to have her back. She's been very encouraging about his potty training and that seems to be all Logan really needed. Well, that and a few sticker rewards as an extra incentive never hurt. ;-)

Now, he asks to go potty rather than being asked if he needs to go. SCORE! I hear he also stands nearby to clap and cheer on his friends who are being potty trained too. hehehe

Lately I've noticed Logan has taken to chasing all the (poor) animals around the house, under the tables, behind the couches, under the beds. He RAWRS really loudly, with arms and hands outstretched, ready for any fistful of fur he can grab onto as the animals scream past him, trying to stay out of his reach. He absolutely torments the shit out of Grover. Odin merely puts up with him.

I know everyone says we're eventually going to wish he were silent, but right now, we are so thrilled with how verbose Logan is. We remember the days when he wasn't yet talking (and, nervously, think about the days soon to come when we'll have another not-yet-talking baby to take care of!) and how hard and frustrating it was for us to care for our little guy. The fact that he can carry on conversations with us is wonderful.

And, he's adding his own "flair" where he can. Right now, his favorite word to use (pretty much inserted as every other word in a sentence) is "upsie" (for oopsie). He uses it ALL the time. It's hilarious.

With his constant commentary also comes the ability to vocalize his feelings, and understand the difference between right and wrong, more and more. So, when he gets frustrated and hits me, I now pause and kneel down to talk at his level. I tell him that he shouldn't hit his Mommy (nor any of his friends, family, etc.), that it hurts, and that we don't like to hurt our friends and the ones we love. He stops, listens and then says "I'm sorry Mommy", followed by a big hug and kiss.

I know it won't last forever, but I must admit, it's pretty sweet right now. :)


Choun Family said...

I remember having so much worry about how Jamie would feel once Jessie was born. I think I would e-mail Jennifer daily in a panic about how it would all work out. I think there will always be momnets like those, but I think they will be outweighed by the good stuff. The other night Jessie and Jamie where laying in Jamie's bed together. I had to seperate them for the night and they cried and screamed and reached out for one another.. like I was seperating attached twins or something. Anyway.. it was touching.

cabriana said...

aaaw, I really love this stage too!!! I love talking to him and he shows me his stuff and actually tells me about it! He's my best pretend dinosaur friend ever!