Monday, April 5, 2010

The dog ate my homework!

Or in this case, my 2 year old son just shredded my insurance check.

Logan's home sick today. We noticed a minor cough and runny nose over the weekend but he started running a mild temperature last night that hit into full fever mode this morning. He was in a fairly good mood when he woke up, although as his fever has risen (between 103-104) he's become a lot more clingy and out of sorts unfortunately.

In any case, he was out playing in the living room when the mailman stopped by this morning. Logan picked up the mail from the floor (we have a slot through our front door) and handed it to me. Then he proceeded to walk back down the hallway. I thought he was back on his way to our room to finish watching his movie, when all of a sudden I hear our shredder's motor running. He had taken one of the pieces of mail with him, which I totally didn't see.



I caught him watching the last of an envelope being eaten by the shredder. Luckily, I stopped it before it shredded completely and was able to "salvage" a few bits and pieces. I spent the next hour sifting through to find any important information that could help me when calling the insurance company and convincing them to reissue the check.

I was actually pretty surprised at what I was able to piece together - the check number, amount (most of it), check date, and check "audit" number (on the back). With that, the customer service rep I spoke to was able to hunt the check down, cancel it and issue us a new one.


(For those who are wondering, we normally keep our shredder locked so that Logan can't shred anything, since he actually does like to shred papers under our supervision. Unfortunately, we had forgotten to lock it since the last item was shredded. LESSON LEARNED.)


Kim said...

And that is why we keep our shredder UNPLUGGED.

Plus a very good reason we have a gate on the office.

Cat Shipman said...


Lindsay said...

Yikes! Glad you were able to ID the mail! Sorry it took so long to respond about that rug....just saw your comment. It is from Pottery Barn, but is a few years old...don't think they have it any more. Cannot wait to see your new addition!