Friday, April 16, 2010

Turtle Soup

To most people, at 37 weeks today, I'm finally full term (although there's some folks, like my OB, who considered me full term as early as last week). It's nice to know we won't be running any risks with the baby if he decides to show early.

I've been doing pretty good, feeling great overall, and feel like I'm managing the pregnancy well these last few weeks. I'm just now getting over the head cold I caught from Logan last week, which is good because the congestion, combined with my constant pee breaks in the middle of the night, was really disturbing my sleep.

I've also been managing through Braxton Hicks for a few weeks now - but just within the last couple of days, I've noticed they've really kicked into high gear. They're much more frequent (to the point that I sometimes don't feel a break between them), and much stronger.

Don't worry, I'm not yet in labor. ;-) But, my body is absolutely getting ready.

My OB appointment today went fine - weight gain, blood pressure, baby's heart beat, all check out ok. My cervix is extremely thin and the baby's head is right where it should be, sitting on my pelvis. I also passed my mucus plug this morning - which might be more info than you wanted to hear - it certainly was for Jon. ;-) But, it suddenly lit a bit of a spark in his eyes.... and he's now decided we're going to see this little guy within the next week.

We'll see. You can have contractions and pass your mucus plug sometimes days, and sometimes weeks, prior to labor. So there's no real indication.

Still, he asked me if, same as last time, I don't want an epidural this time around? I confirmed.

So he then reminded me , Okaaaaaay. But if you change your mind, just remember, the safe phrase is "Turtle Soup". I'm not going to get you the epidural unless you say that phrase.

Got it.

Why "Turtle Soup"? I have no idea. I guess because it'd prove I really want the drugs rather than just screaming out in pain? Who knows. This is just how my husband's mind works.

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