Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring has sprung!

We've had weird weather lately - freezing cold, then beautiful and sunny, then rainy, then not. It's just all over the board. But overall, I'd say Spring is finally here.

To prove it, here's a few pics I took while out walking around the neighborhood with Grover this morning. Aren't the blooms just gorgeous?! (this first one is my favorite and what got me started with the snapshots on the rest of the walk)

Okay so I cheated with these last three, they're from our backyard, but still! this is what Grover and I have been admiring every day this week! :)

When I'm not on conference calls or answering emails or training Grover or running errands or out on walks enjoying the gorgeous weather, I'm also knocking off items from the "GET READY FOR THE BABY" list, slowly but surely.

Today's action item? Pull out the baby clothes and organize them in the dresser. I had forgotten how TINY infant clothes are!! I seriously mistook a couple pairs of jeans, for SHORTS. Whoops. :)


Kimmy said...

It says something that my first thought was "YAY! IKEA Hippo!" ..I'm easily amused

Mama Bree said...

LOL yep, Logan sleeps with a few stuffed animals, the hippo being one of them. He likes to carry it around and open its mouth to CHOMP on your face, arms, legs, anything really. All while giving a very loud RAWR!! in your ear. ;-)

Kimmy said...

I like to think I knew that he'd do that when I bought it :P

Kim said...

I am LOVING our cherry blossom tree right now. Really all of the ones in our neighborhood, but ours is especially pretty at the moment.