Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Hollow

Last Friday was an in-service day at Logan's school. Jon worked from home and watched Callum while I took off with Logan for a little 1:1 time with my older son (I've been feeling like I haven't had as much time to spend with Logan lately so the outing was definitely fun for both of us).

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo (a place I used to go to as a kid) just recently remodeled their entire park - so we met up with Kim and Molly, and Bev (Jenn's mom) and Robert and Connor for the day to check it out.

Logan rode one of the car rides that he seemed to like quite a bit, but was a little scared of the others. Almost all of the rides at the park are small enough for him to ride though, so we'll definitely be back for more very soon (in fact, we ended up going AGAIN on Saturday, meeting up with the Jodoins and Chouns for the day!).

Because I really wanted to spend my day with Logan, I purposefully left my camera at home (that and, it's getting harder and harder to snap shots of Logan while keeping him contained!). I also knew someone else, like Kim, would bring a camera to document all the fun. :)

You can see more pics from the day at Kim's full gallery (thanks again Kim!!) as well as read her recap of the day's events.

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Kim said...

My disclaimer - with my polarized glasses the preview screen on the back of my camera is black. So, if things aren't exactly centered or a little fuzzy, that's my story!