Monday, May 24, 2010

Grover's Den

There are two main spots you'll find Grover hanging out, or rather, hiding.

One is under Logan's toy train table. It's perfect for evading screaming growling toddlers while at the same time, being near Mama who's working at her computer (we've moved my computer hutch to the main living room to make room in the office for Callum's crib).

The second is under the bed (mostly our bed, although he's been known to hide under Logan's bed as well, when I'm in the room changing one of the boys).

These pics were actually taken a couple of days after we got him, so it's clearly been a favorite since the beginning. We keep thinking one of these days he's going to discover he's too big to fit under and get stuck, but so far that hasn't happened. Instead, he DIVES under there for cover, the minute he knows he's in trouble (like when Mama discovers he's chewed up one of Logan's dinosaur toys that she. just. bought. goddamnit.) or when he knows we're all going out and need to lock him up in his crate for a few hours (which he hates, not as bad as day one, but still doesn't like).

This hiding spot can be particularly frustrating since it's very hard to grab him when he's smack in the middle underneath our bed (especially when I was big and pregnant!).

What's interesting is that Logan has observed this frustration of mine/ours, to the point that he will now (also) crawl under our bed if he wants to hide from Mama.

He's not as stealth as Grover, since he usually giggles and laughs and yells out "I'm hiding! You can't see me!" or "Mommy, I'm stuck!" but the point is, when it's an hour past Logan's bedtime and we still need to change him into pj's and get him to bed, and Callum is crying attached to my hip, and I haven't yet eaten dinner and am just a tad bit tired, it's a VERY frustrating hiding place indeed.

Which means, there are nights where I may or may not have been known to drag my son out from under our bed by an ankle or two.

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