Monday, March 8, 2010

In Memory of Lola Golightly

Saturday morning, I lost my best friend. My furry kid.

Although we were expecting this day to come relatively soon, it still hit us really hard and unexpectedly. Lola simply turned for the worst, literally overnight.

Saturday morning, she didn't come greet us at our bedside like she usually does, which was the first sign. I got nervous and looked around the house for her - finding her laying limp and despondent in her crate. I had a feeling she had been there all night, poor thing. I sat on the floor next to her for about an hour, petting her, talking to her, loving her, while Jon called several of our vets to see what we should do (although, truly, we already knew).

It was time.

We stayed with her until her last breath, holding her in our laps and telling her how much we loved her. I like to think she felt better knowing I was there with her until the end, falling asleep with me by her side, but it's always hard to know. So, we just pray we did the right thing, in the most humane act as possible.

Since then, I've had a really rough time coping, letting go, and accepting her death. It doesn't seem real. Every little thing in our house reminds me of her. Her toys are still strung about, her food dish sits waiting to be filled, her crate sits empty and bare. I found a toy of Logan's, all chewed up by Lola from God knows when, hiding under the couch.

But most of all, everything is very quiet without her following me around the house or trying to sneak any dropping of food in the kitchen as I make breakfast. I don't hear the familiar clicking of toenails against the hardwood or tags clinking together as she races up and down the hallway, in and out the doggy door.

About 5.5 years ago, when we picked her up from a nearby Hunting Preserve (she was the unwanted runt of the litter), the breeders "warned" us. Whoever she sat next to on the ride home would become her mom - and that I absolutely was. Even when she threw up on me, in the car, on the roadside, that entire first ride home, I was instantly in love. And she was of me.

I remember the first week we had her, I worked from home to help ease the transition. When talking to my boss at the time, I described her as "The Velcro Dog" - and I doubted whether I was actually up for such a challenging, dependent, must-be-by-my-side-at-all-times dog.

Little did I know, she would teach me a thing or two about enjoying constant companionship, having a fun loving attitude, and letting her ears down, flapping in the wind. :)

She was definitely full of love and energy, until the very end. And amazingly, she never really let the lymphoma get to her (or at least, never showed it) until her very last day.

We love you Lola. And we already sorely miss you.

I hope you may have endless lakes to swim in, chasing ducks (and squirrels and cats) to your heart's content. And, may you have plenty of warm laps to cuddle up next to at night.

In Memory of Lola Golightly
June 30 2004 - March 6 2010

Ride home from the Hastings Island Hunting Preserve

11.5 Weeks Old

Mommy and Lola bonding time (first night home)

"The Velcro Dog"

First trip to Lake Tahoe (Sept 2004)

Pointing the sprinkler

Yes, we actually dressed her up for her first Halloween
(but didn't do it again after this) ;-)

Bonding time for the two pups

The teenage years (Nov 2004)

Uncle Nathan and Lola playing in the snow

Right at home stretched out on Mommy's lap

Looking like an old lady (Oct 2005)

Mama is soon to be hitched (Mar 2006)

Lola has always been known to chew (and destroy) anything she sinked her teeth into...

What she did best - Run, Lola, Run!

Taking over Daddy's spot in bed

Sunbathing (Jul 2007)

One week before we moved into our new house and Logan was born.
Not sure which was more traumatizing! ;-) (Dec 2007)

She meets a worthy contender for Mommy's lap

The stand off. (Sept 2008)

Not feeling so hot after a Chemo session (Feb 2009)

Logan's first encounter with snow, and unfortunately, Lola's last.

My two darlings.

Just finished her (first) Chemotherapy program and in full remission (Jul 2009)

Looking for some spare lap space on Preggo Mama - again (Jan 2010)

Some of her meds turned her into a sneaky counter surfer!

Begging Daddy for more playtime :)

Lola's last road trip, to visit some of Jon's family in LA

This is how we show our love Lola.

Like this.

And like this.

We love you sweetie. You will be missed, but never forgotten.


heather said...

So very sorry for your loss.

Grandma Riedy said...

A wonderful montage of the celbration of her life.

Grandma Riedy

Jennifer said...

Lola was awesome and will forever be missed! Lots and lots of *hugs* to you guys.

Chelsea said...

I'm so so so sorry. I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face (at work) so I can't even understand what YOU are going through. HUGS.

Kimmy said...

Yeah I admit it, I teared up reading this. She was always just fantastic source of laughter.. watching her barrel around was never not fun.


Unknown said...

There are some really cute pics here that really capture her essence. I'm happy to have known her, and I'm sorry her time was a little short... its not fair. I'd like to think she lived half as long but twice as awesome. In the end she had a full life. :)

Choun Family said...

so, so sad. I'll always think fondly of her and the times that I would convince the jodoins that she's not really sitting on the couch if she's on my lap. She was such a cuddler.

Kim said...

Favorite Lola memory was watching her chase after that duck in the pond for the better part of an hour. I'm pretty sure she would have kept at it all day if I didn't pull her out.

She will be missed.

Z said...

Bree - sorry bout Lola - she was a dope dog :(

Cat Shipman said...

OH miss her and love her and im so sad and so sad for you and Jon. I was telling Danny that going over to the house is going to be so weird and now Danny doesn't have his doppelganger. I am SOOO sorry for you. I feel like my life was better that I knew her for a little while.