Monday, March 1, 2010


Well, we had a rough night last night. Logan woke up several times throughout the night. The worst was when he was crying, yelling out "Go away!" several times followed by "Owie!"

I think that's when it finally dawned on me that he was having a nightmare. :( Later on in the night, he yelled out "Stop it!" before settling back down.

We finally brought him to bed with us about 4:30am - where he slept ok and we slept awful. *sigh*

Last Friday after picking Logan up from school, he proceeded to tell me a story, prompted all on his own, while driving home.

Mommy, Logan has an owie.

Oh really, where?

Right here, on my arm. (Pointing to his right wrist)

What happened?

Joey* pushed me.

Really? Why did he push you?

He pushed me. It hurts.

Did you push him?


Were you inside or outside?


Were you playing?

Joey pushed me.

Story aside, I found it amazing that we could exchange in such a detailed conversation together, which we've never really done before. :)

Tonight, he brought up the same story several times (in the car ride home from school, to Jon later when we got home, and just before he went to bed when I was tucking him in). I'm not sure whether the kid pushed Logan again or if he was still remembering Friday's incident.... but all the same, these stories, stacked up with his nightmares last night, makes me wonder if they are at all related.

Could Logan have a bully? Is it too early to start being concerned about it? My gut says no, they're just a couple of boys rough housing at school, but with these little guys, it's so hard to tell.

* Name has been changed to protect the little boy's identity ;-)

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Luke Shipman said...

Luke has been telling us that his friend Jacob bites him ("Mommy, Jacob bite" and he shows us his hand)....and he had a dream the other night where he yelled out "Oh No". Crazy & curious how their little minds work.
Luke has also decided dinosaurs live in the dark so he doesn't like the lights off at night.