Saturday, March 13, 2010

27 months old

As you can probably understand - I haven't been as interested in blogging this week. HOWEVER, we did pass by Logan's 27 month old mark on Wednesday. And, I have been saving up a few pics to share. :) He's also said a couple of funny things over the past month, as his vocabulary continues to improve, which I should probably memorialize here, in case I ever need to embarrass him down the road when he takes his future girlfriend to the prom.

See future girlfriend? You think he just turned charming for you, but he's actually been GQ-Charming since day one!

He has picked up his Mack Truck car carrier on more than one occasion and carries it around the house like it's his little briefcase. Sometimes, he's been known to carry it to the front door yelling out "I'm going to work now!" Daddy carries his toy(s) to work, I guess my son figures he should too?

Other things that make us smile -

A couple of weeks ago, he was chasing a ball under the dining table and ran into the corner and hit his ear. It hurt quite a bit (he smacked it pretty hard) which caused quite a bit of crying.

That didn't make us smile. Don't worry, I'm not that mean.

What made us smile was when he stopped crying for a split second, sternly looked at the table, pointed at it and yelled "Bad Table!" hehehehee

He's doing great with the potty training, telling us when he has to pee and usually pees the minute he sits down. He still prefers pooping in his diaper rather than the potty chair, however he is fast to let you know. "Mommy, look, poopoo!" while turning around and wiggling his butt at you (as if I didn't know where his poop has landed).

Logan's been identifying with the new things I'm bringing into the house as "the baby's" vs. "Logan's" more and more. For example, he makes it known which high chair is his versus the baby's, which car seat is his versus the baby's and, when I recently snagged two used potty chairs on Craigslist (mwahahahaa) for my parent's house (upstairs and downstairs bathrooms), he made sure to let me know that one was for him (the white one) and one was reserved for the baby (the grey/blue one).

When he tests out a new word he's learning, he always phrases it in an adorably cute question, like he's still unsure about its application. A couple of his recent words are "scared" (Logan's scared?) and "fart" (Logan farted?). We all know where he's picked up the latter (*cough* Jon! *cough*), but I'm not as sure about scared. I finally realized he learned it from school, when I dropped him off during story time and the story was about a little animal who was lost and scared, but then found their way home. Interestingly, he doesn't yet seem to feel scared. But is learning when it's appropriate to use the word.

Of course, the big milestone this past month (in addition to his first dentist visit) was his two new beds! I haven't yet captured a great picture of him lounging in his own bed at home, but here's a fun one that my dad took of him napping on his new bed at my parent's house. His transition to the big beds has gone tremendously smooth - and I couldn't be more relieved!

Obsession with airplanes has taken on new proportions. EVERYTHING is an airplane these days. He'll often make use of his thumb and index finger, with both hands, pointing toward you and swooping them around "flying high, in the air!".

Planes don't take a break for potty time.

But, in addition to his hands, he'll "find planes" in pretty much any object he sees. Like, our shower squeegee.

My little monster continues to enjoy making messes and getting into trouble. The other morning, as we were getting ready to head to school/work, he wandered into the bathroom, shut the door and became verrrrry quiet. After a few minutes, I went in to find him doing this.

Let me tell you. I cannot wait until we have TWO boys to clean up after. Can you hear my exasperated sigh Internet?



Stella Shipman said...

Luke is quite a fan of running around and saying "___ farted" as well. No one is safe in our house from being blamed as the one who farted...even Freedom has been blamed on occassion!

Cat Shipman said...

OK so now you realize this is where Tio Dano comes in right? Be prepared for some serious planage comin your way...