Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the home stretch! Woohoo!

I had another OB appointment today - I have another one in two weeks and then it's weekly until this little guy appears! Oy!

So everything looks great - I'm doing just fine on my blood pressure, weight gain, belly size (which approximates the size of the baby - who is "normal" - whatever the hell that means!), etc. I complained a bit about how low he's been and his constant movement - which my OB replies to "GOOD! That's what I like to hear!" and I'm thinking LADY. You don't get it. I want him to Cut. That. Shit. Out.

She actually got to see him in action herself. When trying to listen to his heartbeat, he wasn't cooperating at first, wiggling away from her every time she moved the wand - which you could see clear as day through my belly and made her laugh. She finally pushed him on one side to get him to move and his heartbeat perked right up. She said that she loved that - the pick up in heartbeat from us bugging him was an even better sign of a healthy kiddo inside... Oy!

She also thinks he's head down at the moment - but given my history - we'll be checking on that regularly from here on out.


I've been feeling a few contractions the last week or so - nothing major, but just some warning signs here and there, tickling the memories that have been locked up good and tight for 2+ years. My doc did say that now that I'm 34 weeks, I've hit the home stretch, and if I were to go into labor she probably wouldn't stop it. INTERESTING!

Bring on the castor oil, spicy food and sex! hehehe

Seriously though, she did check to see if I've dilated or effaced any, and we're not showing any signs yet. This little guy is hanging in for a few more weeks. Fine by me, but I may just start buying pounds of licorice soon if we don't see any changes by the next visit. ;-)

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