Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cirque du Soleil

My birthday celebrations continued through the weekend - what fun!

First, my brother Kai drove up from LA to visit. We spent all day Saturday hanging out at my parent's house (Jon was playing in a rugby match most of the day, that his team easily won!). We even got to visit with my cousin Shawn and her son, Kindy, as well, since they were in town for March Madness. :)

I had a really tough time getting Logan down for a nap unfortunately. I think it was a combination of the excitement and stimulation from hanging out with his two super fun uncles (my brother Zane was also there). But, it was also difficult for me personally since I'm getting very big and his bed is low low low down on the ground. OY!

I was so frustrated, I finally told him we were going to have to pack up and go home. He said NO NO NO, he wanted to stay at Zabuton's house. So I said "Okay fine, I'm leaving you but I'll be back soon. You better be asleep by the time I get back."

I walked downstairs totally beat - so my dad offered to pitch in and help out. He went upstairs, where Logan was just babbling and talking to himself in his room. My dad poked his head in and in a really stern voice said "What do you think you're doing?"

Logan immediately clenched his eyes shut, as if he were asleep. HAAAAA!!

Thankfully, my dad has magical powers and Logan soon fell asleep.

Unfortunately, he didn't nap for very long. So, we had a bit of an amped up psycho kid on our hands for dinner that night (at a fave restaurant of ours: Tsugaru), which was really too bad since it was supposed to be my "Birthday Dinner" with my family. Oh well - the food was still delicious! Afterward, we headed home for some yummy cake (two choices: carrot cake or chocolate cake) and visited a bit before turning in for the night.

Based on how hyper and unwieldy Logan was yesterday, I was nervous about how today would turn out, since I had bought tickets for us to brave seeing Cirque du Soleil's Ovo - with Logan - this evening.

However, the day couldn't have been more perfect! :) We met my family for lunch at Stacks and then bid our farewells to Uncle Kai who had to hit the road back for LA. We came home and put Logan down for his nap (a little after 2pm). The show was at 5pm, so I was hoping we'd get a good nap in before heading out. He must've been pretty tuckered out, since we had to wake him up at 4:30pm so we could rush out the door!

As we approached the big blue and yellow Cirque du Soleil tents, Logan immediately took notice and yelled at us to "GO THAT WAY!" (pointing toward the tents). We arrived a couple of minutes late (no biggie, we didn't miss much) and were seated right away. WHAT EXCELLENT SEATS!! We were about 20 feet from the stage with our backs at an aisle (so that we were greeted by a few of the show's characters during the night). The minute we sat down, Logan was completely mesmerized. His eyes were wide open the entire time, taking every little thing in. It was sooooo super exciting and fun to watch, and I'm not sure what I enjoyed more frankly, the performance, or my son's delight. :)

A few pics I took (with my iPhone, sorry the quality is pretty crummy in the dim light), of Logan's first Cirque du Soleil experience!

Waiting in line for "papa-corn" during intermission

After the show, a pic in front of the infamous blue and yellow tents.
And Logan with his "papa-corn".

I wanted a shot with the two of us too! I mean, I did buy the tix for the coolest evening ever, after all! ;-)
Notice Logan is stuffing his face with "papa-corn" the entire time...

Starting our walk back to the car. Logan got a ride on Daddy's shoulders *in addition* to ridiculous amounts of "papa-corn".

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Grandma Riedy said...

I can just picture him, I am sure he was the cutest of everyone there! What a wonderful experience.