Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

It was my birthday yesterday, but I don't yet feel a year older.

I bet I feel a year older when this kid decides to pop out though. ;-)

On Tuesday, a friend of mine at work took me out to lunch for my birthday (thanks Amanda!) and knowing how much I love good food, and cheeses in particular, she introduced me to this cool little European open air market, called Milk Pail, near our work.

I was immediately stuffing delicious fruit, nuts, fresh bread and cheese! OMG. THE. CHEESE. in my basket. It reminded me of my days in Italy when I was a poor starving student and survived on virtually nothing but bread, water and cheese the entire time.

So yesterday, when my dad called to wish me a happy birthday, I told him he and my mom would need to stop by for dinner that night to have a little impromptu Euro dinner with us. Always looking for an opportunity to try out new cheeses himself, he gladly accepted the invite.

I left work early to pick up Logan so we could get home and start getting the meal ready. I coaxed him away from school by telling him that Zabuton and Zafu were going to be visiting us at home. While I sliced and prepped in the kitchen, Logan propped himself up at the front window, on the lookout for his grandparents.

Here's our lovely spread. I thought of my friend Chelsea when taking this pic because she always posts pics of what she is eating each day - she likes to call it food porn. Isn't it though? :)

Logan snuck several nibbles of cheese, chowed down on some grapes and apples, and loved the cashews (but spit out the almonds). His refined little palate also got away with too-many-to-count fig newtons.

Notice Odin waiting for any scraps that might fall his way!

After dinner, we put Logan to bed and then visited for a bit before calling it a night. Here's some silly Mommy/Logan time captured on camera before saying good night.

What a wonderful ending to a great day - hope everyone had a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A mischievous little leprechaun smirk!


Jennifer said...

Happy birthday Bree! Your spread of cheeses, fruit and nuts looks sooooo yummy!!!

Chelsea said...

Food Porn indeed! Happy Birthday!!!!

Choun Family said...

my co-worker brings in cheese from the milk pail. so yummy. the sage derby is my favorite. I didn't even know I liked sage!