Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One month old

Today Logan is one month old! (and one mth off of work for mom - wow!) I keep saying it, but it's so true = it's amazing how time just flies! Course, I guess it's no surprise when my days now consist of pumping, feeding, burping, feeding, changing, pumping, feeding, sleeping, feeding, changing, feeding, cooing, pumping, feeding, sleeping.... well, you get the idea ;-)

We had our one month check up with Dr. Safir earlier this week (Tues) and everything is checking out really well. The formula supplements seem to be helping immensely -- he gained a whopping 1lb, 3oz in just 8 days and now weighs 9lbs, 5oz. He's also right on track with all the other average Joes out there -- his weight was in the 50th percentile, he grew 2 more inches and is now 22" (!!) which puts him a bit tall at the 75th percentile and I can't remember what his head measurement was at but that was also in the 50th percentile. So, he's now at a much healthier weight and basically Dr. Safir told us whatever we're doing with the feeding, continue doing, because it's working. :) Logan also had his 2nd Hep B shot which he didn't like, but seemed to take it a lot better than last time (mom too). The rest of the appt was spent with Jon and Dr. Safir yacking away about football and playoffs, etc. while Dr. Safir did the rest of Logan's checkup. When we left, Jon decided he wants Dr. Safir as *his* doctor!

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