Friday, January 25, 2008

Doctor Visits

Yesterday and today we had a series of doctor's appts -- Logan got an ultrasound of his hips yesterday morning which was an ordeal (an ultrasound of him in the womb is easy but taking pictures of his joints and bones while he wriggles around on the exam table?? not so much) :) While we were at the hospital we also weighed him -- he had his brace on but weighs approx. 10lbs, 12oz so definitely still growing. ;-) We also picked up a couple soft bristle brushes from the nurses at the baby ward to help keep his cradle cap in check (it's appeared just over the last week or two).

Today we met with his ortho pediatrician to review the scan results. The good news is, we're improving. Logan's right hip now looks fine (yay!), but unfortunately his left hip is still a little loose (funny since his right hip was actuallly worse off when he was born). So, the bad news is we gotta keep the brace on for another 4 weeks and then have another check up with the dr then. After that, if all is well with the left hip (the dr has every expectation that it will be), then we'll move to just wearing the brace at night until 6 months (I think) when we do an x-ray to confirm all is a-ok.

We also had the dr adjust his brace while we were there since it's been tighter and more uncomfortable for Logan lately. He's Mr Happy Baby when the brace is off and immediately starts kicking his legs out a mile a minute, squeaking and coo'ing and sometimes even smiling. But we eventually have to put the brace back on and then he scrunches up his nose, frowns and begins to wail. So, it's been more and more obvious to us that he's had about enough of the brace. :( It's too bad that we have to wear it for another 4 weeks but since the dr has let it out some (to account for the growth spurts he's recently had I'm sure) it seems to be a lot better and less forced looking for Logan. :)

I also had my 6-week post partum checkup with my OB today and everything looks great. I've healed just fine and have the dr's permission to take up exercise, sex, you name it. I mentioned I went boarding last weekend and it felt really good to get out again -- he just laughed at me and was a little surprised -- saying there aren't too many women who go snowboarding 5 weeks after delivering a baby. He asked when do we plan to have our next baby (while discussing various birth control options). I wasn't expecting the question so soon -- uhhh, another baby? hmmm. we'll just see how this one goes first. ;-)

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