Monday, January 28, 2008

Sick as a dog

Unfortunately, Jon has still been sick and what's worse, I've now caught the cold! We all three took it real easy this weekend, and pretty much stayed in bed almost all weekend long, watching House, M.D. episodes and snoozing or nursing or playing with Logan. Miraculously, Logan doesn't seem to be too sick. He's a little congested and snotty (and does NOT like it when Mommy tries to suction out his snot!), and has a few sneezes and coughs here and there, but nothing bad like Mom and Dad. In fact, he's doing a lot more smiling and coo'ing these days and *fingers crossed* is actually becoming more of a happy baby! at least, for short periods of time when he's awake before he starts crying again ;-)

I just emailed Jenn about our night/sleep update and thought it would be good to post on the blog too. Jon and I have both been getting some sleep but not near enough that we should be for being sick. Still, we are getting more sleep these days than we have before. Jon's more grumpy about it because he's sick and has to work tho :( I had a really hard time on Thursday nite last week and was just sooooo tired I felt like I couldn't even HOLD Logan (it didn't help that it was 2am and he was WIDE awake). so I woke Jon up to take care of him so I could get some rest and that helped a lot, even though it was torture for Jon :(

Logan is doing a *little* better sleeping. He seems to be a really active dreamer and fidgets all night long so, he's kind of restless and wakes himself up a lot. but, I've noticed he's going for longer spells now and usually sleeps about 3 hours -- which doesn't sound long but before he was waking up after 1-2 hrs so 3 hours is good! He also doesn't stay awake as long in between those sets which is helpful for me -- so he'll wake up in 3 hrs, want to nurse, nurses for about 30 min, then goes back to sleep. before, he'd wake up in 2 hrs, nurse for an hour and then take 30 min. to go back to sleep, crying the whole time, and I was just EXHAUSTED. so it's better on me now even if it's still short stints of sleep.

The hardest part we're battling with now is his resistance to go to bed. He's SUPER tired, it's late, yet he's wide awake and gets really angry and grumpy and doesn't want to sleep. I'm afraid this could be a hint into what he'll be like when he's older and we'll probably always have trouble putting him to bed. But, who knows. Last night when we were at my parents he just cried and cried and wouldn't go to sleep but also wouldn't nurse or anything. My dad just walked him around the house and patted and talked to him all night long. He never actually fell into a deep asleep with my dad but finally got a little hungry so I nursed him for a few minutes and then he just konked out. :) so, that is usually what I do with him now but it takes a lot of patience to wait it out. hehe

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