Friday, September 4, 2015

Monthly visit

We just had our whirlwind of appointments at the hospital today for Callum's monthly check in. I picked him up from school and we jammed over to the hospital. We didn't have any time to grab lunch since the pulmonary department asked us to come a little early for his pentamidine (they had double booked our appointment time!).

So we headed to that first and then walked over to our normal clinic. I told the gals there to postpone his labs a little bit since I didn't get a chance to put on his numbing cream until after his pentamidine and wanted to make sure there was enough time to numb his skin. During that time I ran down to the cafeteria and grabbed him his favorite cheeseburger and chocolate chip cookie which he munched on in the waiting room for his lab work.

He had a little trouble with his port access, mostly because it's just been awhile since his last access and we end up taking a couple steps back when there's a gap like that. But otherwise the access was fine.

We had his monthly exam after that - he was in a great mood but super fidgety and ticklish (which didn't go well for the exam - jeez!). The best part is that his counts are great so we continue with his chemo at home, like always, and have an all clear until his next visit in a month! :)

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