Saturday, August 29, 2015

Blowing his mind

Before I start with my main story let me just say Logan had a TERRIFIC game today - almost scored a goal and had an assist. His team killed it today and Logan really had a great time (partly due to the win of course). Our reward was checking out a nearby frozen yogurt shop, for lunch today. :)


We've been quickly learning how "small" this new community is that we're moving to. And it's blowing Logan's mind.

We were hanging out at the local Starbucks earlier this week, killing some time before Callum's soccer practice, when in walks our next door neighbors (and the boys' new friend). Logan turned to me and was like Mom!! Tyler is here at the coffee shop!! Isn't that crazy?!?

Mind blown.

Later, at Callum's soccer practice, Logan headed to the playground to hang out and ran into a girl that is in his class (sits across from him). He ran up to me and said Mom!! Sofia is here at the playground!! She's in my same class!! Isn't that crazy?!?

Again. Mind blown.

As we were waiting for the bus the other morning, we discovered that Tyler's teacher is the sister of Logan's teacher. What!!

Mind blown.

One of Logan's soccer teammates, who he has now friended, is Gus. Turns out, Gus lives around the corner from our new home. (And his mom is so nice, already offering to take Logan to soccer practice for me if I need the hand!). Crazy right?

Blowing his mind again. ;-)

I wonder what else we'll discover in these next weeks. It's been quite fun to see the boys' reactions (practically every kid on Callum's soccer team is a neighbor kid as well which is great). And validation for me on why I've signed them up in all of these activities, to get to know the kids around here. I couldn't be more happy and love seeing how much the boys like it too. :)

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