Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pulmonologist Follow up

Logan's getting a glimpse into mine and Callum's regular ritual with some of these dr visits lately! (And for the record, he whines the entire time, bored as all hell). Here he is, showing Callum and I that he's too tall for the height measuring tool :)

We had our pulmonologist follow up today (I can't remember if I blogged about it last but since Callum had been dealing with a lingering cough for a long time we were referred here to see if he's dealing with something more than a cold, like allergies or asthma).

While it's hard to say for sure what's helped (they decided the best course of action was to start treating everything to give him, and us, some immediate relief), we're pretty sure he may have a mild case of asthma (allergy tests came back negative which helps back this up). Or, at the very least, we think the asthma meds he's on are helping to keep his lungs less inflamed and agitated, if/when he gets sick.

So, we're going to continue on those meds through the winter/flu season (stop the allergy ones for now), at the very least as a defensive measure, and then re-evaluate in the Spring.

All in all, a pretty quick and painless visit compared to most!! (Though again, Logan would give you another story on that!) ;-)

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