Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 1 of our next cycle

Today is Day 1 of our next cycle, which means it's a big (and long) day of procedures and chemo.

We started off with Callum's LP procedure bright and early this morning. The first pic is an adorable action shot I captured (not posed!!) of one of our favorite nurses, who is always so energetic and expressive, as you can see here! She's excited because Callum is telling her about our recent trip to Hawaii. :)

When Callum went under for his procedure, the anesthesia, apparently, caught him off guard so he started choking and had a hard time breathing. They quickly put some tubes in his nose and a mask over his face to help him breathe. Watching him go under is never easy for me but I've gotten used to it. However I wasn't prepared for that reaction - it was quite scary - and I had to take a few minutes afterward to compose myself before joining Logan back in the waiting room. :(

Thankfully, all went well with his procedure and they called us back pretty quickly. Callum, as always, enjoyed his snooze and took awhile to wake. :) Once he started to stir and they felt good that he was doing ok, they went ahead and ordered his vincristine, and administered that via IV. He was also seen by his main NP for his regular monthly exam.

It's been really nice having Logan with me for company and distraction. And he's been SO HELPFUL as you can see in the second pic, pushing Callum all over the hospital. :)

Callum has his pentamidine appointment this afternoon, so we're taking a break and grabbing some lunch in the cafeteria while we wait. Because this starts another cycle, I also took the chance to start his meds - which is a 7 day round of steroids. Wheee!!! ;-)

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