Saturday, August 29, 2015

Friday Kinder Play date!

Yesterday was our first Friday Kinder play date! It was also Callum's first time riding the bus home from school! So fun. :)

Just another example of how awesome our new neighborhood is. The moms have organized a play date for the neighborhood Kinders every Friday after school. If you're interested, you just send a note with your kid on Friday morning giving permission to the teacher/bus driver to allow your child to stop at a different bus stop.

Three moms volunteer each week (we all sign up for a couple of slots so it rotates) to meet the kids at the designated bus stop, collect them all, and walk to the nearby neighborhood playground. They eat lunch at the picnic tables together and then play for an hour or so before it's time to be picked up.

It's a wonderful idea and a great way to get to know the neighbors (and kids). It will also give me (and other moms) an extra couple of hours before I have to pick him up, which is sooooo appreciated!!

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