Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The good: I got the job! We're working on the exact start date now, but I'm really excited about this new opportunity and move in my career. (I'm not leaving the company, but taking a new role within my organization)

The bad: The last time I nursed Callum was one week ago (after he fell off the bed). I tried a few more times after that but he'd scream and fight me every time. :( It wasn't a pleasant experience for either of us. I had really wanted to make it to (at least) 6 months, like I had with Logan. So I'm really disappointed in myself that I couldn't keep it up. :( If there's any silver lining to it all however, it's that I'm now able to get rid of all the ugly nursing bras and tops and return back to my regular ol' lingerie!

The ugly: Last Friday I had a follow up with my GYN/fertility specialist who I last saw during those first few scary weeks of my pregnancy with Callum. He examined me and did an ultrasound to "confirm" (as much as you can with this illness) that I have endometriosis. We're pretty certain this is what has been contributing to my pelvic and lower back pain over the past few years.

The next step, for a true diagnosis as well as treatment, is laparoscopic surgery. I scheduled the surgery for early November (so that it's after Halloween with the boys - how sad is it that Halloween is a higher priority?!?). I've never been put under before, if you can believe it!!, so the control freak in me is a wee bit nervous. :( Luckily, I'm seeing one of the best surgeons in the country, and feel completely safe and reassured that I will be in good hands. And, since medicine has come so far these days, I should be walking the same day (or within a couple of days at most), with a relatively short recovery time, thank goodness.


Cat Shipman said...

im sure it will go great. I'm sorry to hear that you have it tho. That totally sucks.

Jennifer said...

Congrats Bree! I know you are going to excel in the new position! So sorry to hear about your condition though. :(

Kim said...

Congratulations again on the new position.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help when your procedure happens.