Wednesday, October 27, 2010


While I was at another doctor's appointment today (I've been stacking up quite a few doctor appointments this week in preparation for my surgery next week), Jon took Callum to his follow up appointment. His ear infection is much better now so he got the all clear for his shots. He did great, as always! :) Two different shots (vaccines) as well as his flu shot. Which means, once again, Jon is the last one left in this family who STILL needs his flu shot taken care of! *sigh*

Last week, in the middle of the night, I started a post about how ridiculously crazy my days are lately, due to working two jobs (since I haven't yet transitioned my old job off my plate). Now, I'm beginning to think it's just my new job! :) It's going well, however rough my days actually are right now.

Let me give you a glimpse into my daily schedule:

7:00am: wake up, cuddle with boys in bed
~ rush around and get everyone ready for work/school; check emails to make sure there are no fires at work ~
8:00am: run out the door
8:30am: drop Callum off at school (and/or Logan, depending on the day)
8:45am: wait in Starbucks line for much needed caffeine
9:00am: hit ground running at the office
5:30pm: leave office to pick up kiddos
5:50pm: race to boys' classrooms to pick them up prior to 6pm, as every minute thereafter costs a pretty penny (or several dollars, in actuality)
6:30pm: arrive home
~ rush around feeding animals, cooking/feeding dinner to the boys, changing diapers/pj's and settling everyone down for bedtime ~
7:30pm: bedtime bottle and rocking with Callum
8:00pm: check a few more emails before some quality time with Logan
9:00pm: bedtime stories/backrub for Logan
9:30pm: furiously cram in work I wasn't able to get done during the day
12:00am: bedtime for mama
3:00am: wakeup call from Callum (Jon is gracious enough to help out IMMENSELY on this one)
3:30am: back to sleep
7:00am: start the day all over again. whee!