Saturday, October 16, 2010

34 months old

Logan woke up the other night crying. Normally he's actually having some sort of bad dream, but this time he was asking for his spider (a toy he got from Molly's birthday party last weekend, which we had hung up on the porch with the other spiders/web/Halloween decorations).

He wanted the spider to join him in bed for the night.


Another month has passed, and we've definitely had our hands full. It's not even due to the recent activities in our lives, although those certainly add to the chaos.

It's Logan's persistence at being himself. He has to wear his running shoes. He has to have his red socks. He insists on his dinosaur shirt. No, his Buzz Lightyear shirt. No, his monster shirt. He wants his underwear on ONLY. Where is his shark hat? (all of which can make for an exhausting morning ritual, let me tell you).

He flips out if I open his granola bar packaging BEFORE we get into the car. He wants to feed the dogs their dinner and screams at me if I do it without him. He wants to watch a movie while laying in our bed, not on the couch. He wants to play ball outside and wants me to play with him. He has to open his lunch box all by himself even if it takes him an HOUR. He wants the window up, no down, no up, now the sunroof please.

Basically anything and everything. He has his own mind about how something should be done and if it's not done just so, his world falls apart. It's a constant guessing game too, because every day he changes it up.

Because he's become so demanding, I've been working on his manners more and more. I don't allow every little demand he makes, but I will be more forgiving if he's polite. "Yes please" or "No thank you" or the biggie, "Can I be excused from the table?" He's making some progress but there is still work to be done.

Lots and lots and LOTS of work.

Which is okay. Since we're enjoying this challenge immensely. Every single day.

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