Monday, March 10, 2008

3 Months Old

Today marked Logan's 3 month birthday. I feel like every time I write a new post I say "My, how time flies!" but seriously, it does. In some ways it feels even longer than 3 mths -- his birth seems so very far away now. And, I hardly remember what it feels like to be pregnant anymore! Funny how fast your mind, body and memory adapt and change! It must've all been a dream. hehehehe

Logan's unbelievable sleep record has continued throughout this last week. He hasn't slept an uninterrupted 10 hrs again, but he's been sleeping for really long periods each night. When he wakes from a nap, he eats like he's starving, generally downing about 4-6 oz each time *after* nursing, which feels like a lot to us. We joke that maybe he heard Dr Safir's concerns about his weight gain and is all of a sudden now trying to catch up! ;-) I'm sure it's just me but I feel like his cheeks have puffed out and his face looks much fuller just in the last few days. At any rate, it definitely seems like he's going through another growth spurt. We shall see!

The bad news is his rash came back over the weekend. :( But, I think I know the culprit. When I gave Logan his bath Friday night, I used a non-baby shampoo (one that Dr Safir had advised we use to help get rid of his cradle cap). I can only assume it's not as gentle as the baby soaps and his ultra-sensitive skin is having a bad reaction to it. At any rate, we've started with his steroid mousse again and hopefully the rash will subside. Whether because of the rash or something else all together, he's also been more cranky and fussy than usual these last few days... literally had a couple meltdowns where NOTHING worked to settle him down, for a long long time. :( It takes a lot of patience and is very exhausting for us.

Today I set up Logan's activity mat and we played in it for a bit while he was still in a good mood. He seemed a bit overwhelmed with all the dangling toys and colors but also seemed interested, reaching out his hand to grab (more like swat) the little stuffed animals. Very cool. What's more, tonight he actually reached for, and grabbed, my face while nursing, giving me a big wide toothless grin while doing it! It was the highlight of my day. :) Jon often says it's a good thing he's so damn cute otherwise we would have strangled him long ago. I'm sure there's something to be said for that. Nature's way of protecting and nurturing our future generation.

No pics to post today. Daddy stole the camera for the day to take pics of our other house that we just put up on craigslist to rent. I'm happy to say we've already had several interested people contact us in less than a 24 hr period! So, hopefully one of them will work out and we'll get it rented very soon. :)


Kim said...

Glad Logan is sleeping more... but does mommy sleep when Logan's sleeping? Isn't it great when they give you a big ol' grin... that is until the milk goes dribbling down their face...

Mama Bree said...

I'm still learning to go to bed when Logan finally passes out. Of course, as I type, he's conked out right now and I'm online catching up on emails ;-)

Cat Shipman said...

I think you are the perfect two to handle Logan's needs. You are patient and resilient.