Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Early this morning we rolled our clocks ahead one hour. In the past I've always looked forward to Daylight Savings since it means longer days where we can do more at night. I never really payed much attention to the hour of sleep you lose because of it. This time, however, it killed me giving up that one precious hour, when every minute of sleep counts! ;-) Plus, I've still been feeling a little under the weather. Nothing I'd call sick but just a slight tickle in my throat that's been bothering me.... and seems to be making me more tired than usual. Thank goodness it was Sunday, so Jon could take a shift and hang out with Logan this morning while I slept in for a bit! :)

Yesterday my grandparents arrived into town after a pretty crazy ordeal traveling all the way out here from Carlsbad, New Mexico. My grandfather (Clock) had a stroke a few years ago and unfortunately never regained full control of the left side of his body. His paralysis means a wheelchair and pretty much 24x7 assistance to transfer him from the bed to a chair to a couch, to help him eat, and bathe him, etc. My grandmother (Nana) is getting up there in years herself -- so traveling out here is no small feat even for her, let alone with my grandfather. She'd never be able to come out here with him by herself so my parents went out there to get them, along with my grandfather's nurse (Crystal), to help make the long voyage here to visit their great grandson. :)

It meant a lot to me when my grandparents made the long trek out for Jon and my wedding a couple years ago. But it means even more now that they are here to meet Logan. I'm thrilled that they will be here for the next three weeks to visit and get to know their great grandson. And of course, so Logan can get to know them too! :)

Click on the pic below to see more of their visit today...

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Diane R. Stewart said...

Those will be such great treasures!!!