Thursday, March 6, 2008


Logan slept for a record TEN hours in one stint last night. I'm still not sure if it's real! What's more, after waking up (at about 5am), he hung out with me for about an hour and then went BACK to sleep for another THREE hours! I thought surely after 10 hrs he'd just stay awake the rest of the morning and I'd be doomed. But no, he was nice to me. ;-) I was in so much shock I literally kept checking in on him every few minutes this morning to make sure he was still breathing since it felt like something was wrong! :)

I'm sure this was a one time fluke but I'll take it anyway!


Kim said...

Take it where you can get it! I just hope you slept for more than 5 of these 10 hours. Moms have to go to bed early m'dear!

Jennifer said...

YEAH!!! That is awesome!!