Thursday, March 20, 2008

Toys Galore

I thought I'd do some "tummy time" with Logan and play on his activity mat. He did a great job, playing for a full 30 minutes on both his back and tummy, reaching for toys, talking to me a little bit, holding his head high and kicking his legs as always (we must've worked up an appetite since he downed about 5oz and then passed out right afterwards).

I had remembered we had gotten a couple toys from friends that I hadn't yet opened so I started pulling them out and laying them on the mat with Logan -- and they just kept coming! I took a few snapshots of our session -- this isn't even all of them! I think we'll be giving some away to Goodwill -- there's no way he will ever use or need this many toys.... :)

Click on the pic below for more:


Kim said...

Good lord, look at all those toys! No wonder he passed out afterwards.

Jennifer said...

That mat looks vary familiar. ;)

Charlie said...

City Team will take the toys. They help out down and out pregnant women and help them make a fresh start.