Friday, March 14, 2008

Mr. Bean

I feel like I haven't posted in ages, so I'll do a real quick update of this past week before I head to bed :) Jon weighed Logan this morning and we estimate he's about 12 lbs, 8 oz now. We'll see if that's enough come next week's doctor visit!

For Logan's 3 month birthday on Monday, the government issued him his passport early. He looks pretty dorky in his passport photo -- Jon says he's a spitting image of Mr. Bean. heheehehe I'll see if I can scan it later to post online for everyone to see. :)

Tuesday my parents took Nana and Crystal up to the city for the day -- so my brother Zane went over to my parents to watch Clock. Logan and I visited to keep them company for the afternoon and help out where I could. Clock is definitely a handful, and sometimes it felt like he required MORE attention than Logan! But, we survived. Still, I don't think Zane is quite yet ready for parenthood. ;-) That night, Jon and I did another "Diaper Date Night" at the movies. We had a nice time, the movie was good (The Other Boleyn Girl) and Logan was wide awake for most of it -- bouncing on dad's knee and actually watching parts of the movie as scenes flicked by!

Wednesday was a big day. Logan got dolled up and we set off to visit my work (Tellme) for the afternoon. We spent about 3 hrs there, just hanging out and visiting with all of my old co-workers and team. Everyone absolutely loved Logan -- he being on his very best behavior. He fell asleep toward the tail end of the visit (as some of my teammates rocked out to Rock Band, blaring in the background). He didn't actually have too many naps during the day, so by late afternoon and into evening, he was a mess. He was super upset and tired as ever but couldn't fall asleep. I suppose it didn't help that I was trekking him all over town! ;-) We had a family dinner at my parent's house planned that night -- I spent the first half of the dinner walking him around to get him to fall asleep, and the rest of the dinner holding him while eating with one hand. I have definitely gotten skilled at doing things with only one hand and balancing the kiddo with the other! ;-)

Because he didn't get much sleep on Wednesday, or perhaps because of the hyper stimulation from my work visit, he slept a great deal that night. And, the majority of the day on Thursday. We met up with Kim and her daughter Molly (5 mths old) in Los Gatos to have brunch and see a "Diaper Day" movie at the theatres (Penelope). Unfortunately, the projectionist totally forgot about the Diaper Day, and 20 some-odd moms standing outside the theatre were disappointed at a canceled showing. The lady at the theatre *was* kind enough to give us free tickets to come back another time tho. So instead, Logan and I spent the afternoon at Kim's house where we both napped while she and Molly watched a movie. :-P

Today Logan and I lazed around the house for the majority of the day - he napped a little and we just hung out. We then stopped by my parent's in the afternoon to see my grandparents and my aunt Pam who was in town visiting. Logan seemed to enjoy her animated faces and funny talking, as he stared and smiled big at her every time she caught his eye.

Every day he's getting better at balancing himself while sitting or standing, and is starting to reach out and touch more things. Kim got him the same toy that Molly has in her car seat and he's really interested in it (thanks Kim!!). He's also getting into the habit of pulling any blanket or diaper cloth that might be near his hands or belly, up to his mouth to chew and suck on. His rash seems to have gone away again - I stopped using the steroid mousse earlier in the week after a few days, but have continued to lather him in lotion every few hours during diaper changes. He's still having his meltdowns when he gets cranky and tired, but there seem to be less of them, coinciding with his rash going it's quite possible that part of his extra crankiness and crying may have been because of the rash coming back. *shrug*

The most exciting news of the week tho, is his consistency in sleeping longer nights, which I'm really loving. I've noticed he tends to sleep for longer periods of time if I put him down in his crib rather than the co-sleeper/bassinet next to our bed. So, I've been working on that this week -- where I put him in his crib when he first goes to bed, and if he wakes up in the middle of the night, we then bring him into our room to feed him and get him back to sleep (where he then goes in his bassinet). I've read that babies will sometimes sleep longer when they are in their own bed because they don't smell or sense mom right next to them, so they aren't as apt to wake up as often. I think it's been hardest on ME, more than anyone in the family, by putting him in his own crib in his own room, because I have really come to love having him so close to me at night. But, I need to sleep myself and am better rested to care for him during the day. I also figure I'm going to have to start doing it eventually since I'll be returning to work soon! So, I just focus on more mommy time when he wakes in the morning -- usually bringing him back to bed to snuggle up between us and snooze for another hour or so before the day begins. :)

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