Saturday, March 15, 2008

Well Behaved

Today I went to the Burke Williams Spa for Julie's baby "shower" (small get together to celebrate her 2nd baby) with several girlfriends. We had a great time! It was super relaxing and I can't wait to find another excuse to go back again. Perhaps a Mother's Day treat? ;-)

While I was gone, Jon got to have some Daddy time with Logan. Logan also got to spend time with his Aunt Catherine and Uncle Danny for the day too. I received reports that he was super well behaved while I was gone -- no real fits or anything!! :) When I got home from the spa, I nursed him right away (I was bursting and really hurt!) and we hung out for a bit together before my Aunt Pam, Uncle Mike and cousins Tim, Gigi and their two kids Jordan and Sophia stopped by for a visit. This was the first time they all got to meet Logan and see our new home which was super cool. It's also the first time I've seen Sophia since Logan's birth and she has gotten so big! She was born the day before Robert (my friend Jenn's son) and is about 7 months old. Of course, the minute the relatives arrived, Logan finally conked out and pretty much slept through their whole visit (he hadn't really had a good nap all day Daddy told me).

We then all drove downtown to meet my parents and grandparents at a nice little Italian restaurant called Bella Mia for a big family dinner. And again, Logan was on his best behavior all through dinner! (He woke up just before taking off to the restaurant) He didn't even cry before going to sleep -- even though he was super tired. We were all very impressed and I was one proud mama. :)

None of us thought enough ahead of time to bring our cameras to the dinner unfortunately, but I did take a few pics with my iPhone. I've uploaded them onto the iPhone page of our photo album along with some of the pics I took of my and Logan's visit with Aunt Pam yesterday afternoon.

Enjoy! :)

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