Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Eczema Bye Bye

Good news! Just got back from our check up on Logan's eczema and his skin looks great! No need to see a dermatologist or to continue applying the steroid mousse at night -- just if his skin flares up again down the road. Dr. Safir commented on how much of a personality Mister Logan is developing, saying Logan has one of the most expressive faces he's seen in a long time. Oh, if only he knew how true that really is! ;-)

Since we were at the dr's office I took the opportunity to have him weighed and measure his length. He's grown leaps and bounds in his length -- in just one month he's grown over 2 inches and is now 24 3/4 inches long! His weight however, did not increase much at all. :( He gained a measly 3.5 oz over the past month, weighing in at 11 lbs, 9oz.

Dr. Safir is concerned about the small weight gain.... he said it's possible the scale was off last time we weighed him (I guess they had some problems with one of the scales) so we're going back in 2 wks for another weigh in to see. *sigh* I really hope we just had a mistake on the last weigh in and that all is good, since I'm not sure what else we can do! I'm still breastfeeding and then offering formula after, which he'll take if he's hungry and needs it (Dr. Safir says if he needs more he should be taking it...). As I write this, Logan just downed 5 oz of formula after nursing which is quite a bit, so who the heck knows.

On a lighter note, Logan and I also had lunch with my friends Amy and Becky today and had a great time! Logan was very well behaved, falling asleep on Amy half way through lunch. He has a thing for soft boobalicious chests I've decided. ;-) Here he is hanging out on our new dining table, just before we took off to meet up with the girls.


Jennifer said...

Logan is so darn cute!!

Cat Shipman said...

Im sure he will gain weight, he is just trying to watch his figure.

Kim said...

Good news on the eczema! I'm sure the weight issue will resolve itself in due time.

Amy said...

He is so adorable! I can't wait to cuddle him!