Saturday, March 1, 2008

They say Chicago is the windy city?

Well we trekked it up to Tahoe for a long weekend and though the sunny blue sky has no hint of rain or snow hitting us anytime soon, the crazy gusty cold winds all night long sure do say otherwise! :) Our ride up was pretty uneventful -- Logan's taking to his car seat MUCH better these days. Probably a combination of no more brace, some adjustments we made to the seatbelt for his growing body and removal of the infant insert for his growing head ;-) So, he pretty much slept the entire ride up. And, fun fact for Mommy and Daddy -- no toll at the Benicia-Martinez bridge since Logan makes three for the carpool lane! :-P

It's unbelievable how much Logan is cooing and talking these days! Wonder which parent he gets that from....Could it be both? ;-) I think we're going to be screwed once he starts to actually talk with words. *sigh* Early morning time seems to be his most talkative state at the moment -- probably since he's well rested from the night -- tough on Mom but it's still fun to chat with him. I tried to capture some of that on video this morning but I was using Kim's camera (ran out of battery life on ours and Mommy-brain totally forgot to bring the charger!) and it only takes 30 sec at a time. So, of course, the minute the 30 sec time is up, then Logan starts babbling up a storm! Ah well :) I'll post the pics and videos up later once we get back home.

I've also noticed him taking an avid interest in his fists these last few days. He's still trying to shove them in his mouth, usually missing and punching himself in the process, but now his eyes are actually focused on his fists and he spends a few seconds inspecting them. I've also been practicing sitting up with him, which he seems to like and is pretty strong, already showing signs of trying to pull himself up to a sitting position on his own and *sorta* holding it there for brief seconds! ;-) But, he still hasn't quite gotten the hang of it, and kicks out his legs like crazy -- so then we move to standing, which he also seems to enjoy, until his legs buckle under. :)

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